Most Configurable

ABYSS CCRDesigned for maximum flexibility, the Abyss CCR is an economical alternative to doubles (even more economical for divers using Helium-based gases), which can be configured according to the needs of each individual diver.

The ABYSS Rebreather is our most configurable model, with a 5-hour scrubber and many options for cylinder sizes (typically 1.5 to 3 liter cylinders, depending on availability in your country).

When fitted with 3 liter cylinders and a fully loaded scrubber, the ABYSS CCR weighs just 30 kilograms, and is beautifully balanced and streamlined.

The complete unit comes with an Oxycheq O-Pac harness and wing, but any BCD or harness which can be bolted to a standard backplate may be attached.

The basic ABYSS unit includes breathing loop hoses and DSV, Sub Sea Systems O2 display, a pair of 3 liter aluminum cylinders, Oxycheq 30 pound lift wing, Oxycheq O-Pac harness, scrubber half-fill adaptor, and flow meter, and is priced at $7450.00 AUD complete.

The basic ABYSS may also be ordered without cylinders, wings, and harness for $6420.00 AUD.

Other options include alternate cylinder sizes, O2 Displays, and BCD configurations, and a DSV with integrated Open Circuit bail-out. See the options page for further information.

All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Here are some more detailed photos of the Abyss:

Yellow Shell, Closed Yellow Shell, Open Yellow Shell, right side Yellow Shell, front view