Options and upgrades available when ordering an ABYSS or Stingray CCR

The following prices are for options and upgrades when ordered with an ABYSS or Stingray CCR. Please contact us to order these items separately.

All prices in Australian Dollars (AUD).

1.1 Liter Carbon Fiber Cylinder: May be substituted for the standard 2 or 3 liter cylinder. May be filled to very high pressure (as much as 310 Bar), and weighs only 1 kg. Not available in the US.

$1180 AUD

CF Cylinder

1.5 Liter Aluminum Cylinder: May be substituted for the standard 2 or 3 liter cylinder. Not available in the US.

$Price TBD

Cylinder Options

2.88 Liter Low-Pressure Aluminum Cylinder: ABYSS only. Similar in size to the 3 Liter Aluminum Cylinder, but with a fill pressure of 140 Bar (2015 PSI). A good option for the O2 Cylinder when a booster is not available.

$Price TBD

Cylinder Options

Low Profile DIN Valve: Use these valves to fit your own cylinders to your ABYSS or Stingray CCR. 3/4"-14 NPSM thread, with burst disk. The ABYSS will accept cylinders up to 112 cm (4.4 in) in diameter and up to 475 cm (19 in) in length. The Stingray will fit cylinders up to 112 cm (4.4 in) in diameter and up to 335 cm (14 in) in length. A low-profile valve is required.

$150 AUD

DIN Valve

DSV and Hose Upgrade: Upgrade to a Jetsam DSV with integrated bail-out, with a pair of our own self-draining spiral hoses.

The spiral construction differs from standard corrugated hoses, making washing and drying much easier as the moisture will not pool in the hose, but will run out when the hose is held vertically. They are also made from a denser material than most rebreather hoses, so they are very close to neutrally buoyant under water, and need no weights to keep them from pulling the DSV upward.

In addition to bail-out capability, this makes Diluent addition very easy.

$1075 AUD

Hose and DSV upgrade

Larger Wing:The standard ABYSS comes with a 30 pounds lift Oxycheq wing (Stingray: 18 pounds), which we have found to be sufficient for most divers. Substitute a larger (or smaller) wing. Available sizes are 18, 30, and 45 pounds of lift.

$52 AUD

Oxycheq Wings

Gas Injection in Scrubber Lid: Our standard placement for gas injection is to the exhalation counterlung, which minimizes O2 spikes. If preferred, the gas injection may be routed to the scrubber lid to make calibration easier, inject dry gas near the O2 sensors, and allow for better linearity checks by allowing spikes to occur.

$No Charge, if specified in initial order

Scrubber Lid

O2 Sensors in Counterlung: Our standard units come with O2 sensors in the scrubber lid, which is generally preferred by cold water divers. If preferred, the sensors may be installed via a Dräger P-connector in the inhalation counterlung. This placement allows the sensors to be removed to dry between dives, and to be calibrated out of the loop.

The top picture shows our older cylindrical triple display. While this is still available as an option, our standard display is the Sub Sea Systems DS1, pictured below.

$No Charge, if specified in initial order

P-Port SensorsDS1 Display

HUD Option: The Sub Sea Systems DS1 Display can drive an optional Heads-Up display, which gives an indication of whether the PO2 is at the desired setpoint, and if not, whether it is low or high via simple red and green LEDs.

Includes HUD Connector Block, HUD, and Stainless Steel mounting bracket (made to fit the Jetsam DSV).

$600 AUD

SubSea HUD on Jetsam DSV HUD Block

VR3 Cable: Requires HUD option.

The HUD Connector Block also provides an additional port, which may be used for a second DS1 Display (for full redundancy) or a VR3 computer.

Specify 2-pin or 7-pin connector.

$200 AUD

SubSea Display, HUD and VR3 Cable

Gas Booster: For the traveling rebreather diver. Made by Hydraulics International, Inc. and adhering to exceptional quality standards, it allows both Oxygen and Diluent tanks to be filled when compressed air is the only source of power available. Perfectly capable of filling your rebreather sized dive tanks. With a weight of only 5 kg (11pounds), it is light enough to be conveniently transported by air.

$2500 AUD