Built by Rebreather Divers for Rebreather Divers

For all you home builders wishing to design and build your own rebreathers, Errol Harding and Kerry McKenzie (Tubby) are producing a high quality range of rebreather parts aimed at the modifier and self build market.

It seems there is a huge gap in the market for Parts, and it is hoped we might be able to fill a small portion of this market with quality parts.

Yes that's right, Errol and Tubby have teamed up and formed Rebreathers Australia to bring a range of parts suitable to homebuilder and modifier alike which will suit either your own project, the Abyss or StingRay rebreathers.

Errol Harding        Tubby

Parts List

Spiral Self Draining Hoses (patent pending)

hoses hoses

Picture above left shows the hoses, and to the right an example of the hoses mounted to one of Gordon Smith's KISS bailout mouth pieces. These hoses are designed to be universal, and will fit most commercial mouth pieces available on the market today.

The spiral construction differs from standard corrugated hoses, making washing and drying much easier as the moisture will not pool in the hose, but will run out when the hose is held vertically. They are also made from a denser material than most rebreather hoses, so they are very close to neutrally buoyant under water, and need no weights to keep them from pulling the DSV upward.

Hoses are 20 inches long. In the second picture, 1 inch has been cut off from the large end to fit the mouthpiece. Accordingly, they can be shortened by 1 inch each end if required. Inside diameter of the small end is 1.44 inches or a tight 1 1/2 inches. Inside diameter of the large end is 2 inches.

Hoses can be purchased individually for $55.00 AUD each including GST.


Hose ends can also be purchased, and are made from Delrin plastic to fit directly into the hoses. The hose ends may be retained by either a hose clamp or cable ties, and fit into recesses on the hose end shroud.

hoses on Sport KISS hoses on Sport KISS

Pictures above show Errol's hoses in use with the Sport Kiss rebreather and how they sit without the need for lead weighting and the same hoses can be seen on the StingRay RB in pictures further down this page.

Hose Ends can be purchased individually for $40.00 AUD each including GST.

Universal Light Weight Fiber Glass Shell

These come in varying lengths to suit your needs and have the lowest over-all height profile of any rebreather on the market so far, only 7 inches high!

shell front shell back

Dimensions: 7 3/4 inches thick X 24 inches long X 16 inches wide
Maximum cylinder diameter: 4 3/4 inches
Maximum cylinder length: 22 in from valve to cylinder bottom ie. over all length
Distance between cylinders: 5 3/8 inches

Cylinder holders are kept in place by in built support divider which also separates the counter lungs.
Three stretch velcro straps also tightly hold cylinders and canister securely on the support bracket for the Abyss Rebreather.
The smaller diameter cylinders sit at the same centre line regardless of diameter.

shell top shell inside shell with cylinders

View with tanks mounted. There are a number of different cylinder types that can be used in the standard shell. Each shell comes with a tank holder which holds the tanks in place and allows the counter lungs to be mounted under the cylinders keeping the counter lungs as close as possible to the divers back and reducing the work of breathing considerably. As you can see, choosing the shell option will make tank selection that much easier.

This can be seen in more detail in the next photograph where several different versions are mounted.

shell variations shell variations

These cases can be purchased direct with a 8 week lag time from confirmation of order, depending on available stock.

A 50% deposit will be required before your order is placed.

Cost to purchase one of these cases is $825.00 AUD including GST.

Smaller Shell available for the StingRay

There is a smaller shell available to house the 2 litre Dreager steel tanks, or tanks of your choice used in the StingRay Rebreathers and measures 7 3/4 inches thick X 18 inches long  X 16 inches wide and houses the complete rebreather same as above.

Stingray shell Stingray shell Stingray shell Stingray shell Stingay shell Stingray shell Stingray shell Stingray and Abyss shells Stingray shell

As can be seen, this case is the same height and width as the larger Abyss but is much shorter and will only fit a tank and valve assembly that is no taller than 16 inches high.

Here are some pictures taken in PNG 2004 while diving a prototype of the StingRay RB in all sorts of conditions. The new cases have been modified from what we have learned actively diving the prototype case. Such things as heavier gusseting around the base recessed, latches, and a domed top lid, to name a few.

Stingray Sea Trial Stingray Sea Trial

These shots show the StingRay both diving and ready to dive. The test unit shown weighs in at 20 kilos however the latest units with alloy cylinders weigh in at 18 kilos.

Stingray Assembled Stingray Assembled

These cases can be purchased direct and units will be held in stock with an 8 week lag time for production runs of 10 units.

A 50% deposit will be required before your order is placed.

Cost to purchase cases is $825.00 AUD includingGST.

Breathing Bags

These are made from a material similar to that used in the Dolphin bags, and are light weight, flexible, and easy to clean. They are designed to fit the Abyss or StingRay cases but will incorporate into other designs, too. See pictures below.

For the breathing bags: 24 1/2 inches length 9 1/2 inches at top tapering to 3 inches at bottom.

Space under cylinder 3 inches for inflation and at top up to 6 3/4 inches for inflation.

Water capacity of each bag( yet to check).

Capacity of each bag when fitted under the tank holders, as below (4 very large breaths will empty or fill them).

counterlungs counterlungs counterlungs counterlungs

As can be seen above, they fit nicely down the sides of the case and terminate easily with "P" connectors through the shell to the hoses and also to the CO2 scrubber shown in the next set of pictures.

Material comes in different colours, so let us know when placing an order what your preferred colour is.

Bags are supplied without "P" connectors or holes so you can make your own connections that suit you.

Breathing Bags cost $300.00 AUD including GST per pair ready to place your own fittingas required.

Scrubber Canister

These are made with Delrin end caps and a clear Acrylic tube, you can purchase our standard units with a 3 hour or 5 hour duration.

Each scrubber can house 3 (K1D) sensors in its top section and comes with machined male "P" connectors ready to clip straight onto the hoses and breathing bags, if you are using these in your design. Please note that our scrubbers are currently undergoing continuous testing and can change slightly as new methods of engineering construction are used. We are currently testing a new external removeable 3 sensor injection molded module designed to house the K1D sensors, allowing slightly more sorb capacity of the scrubber.

scrubber scrubber

Outside diameter 5 1/4 inches
Inside diameter 4 7/8th inches
End cap to end cap length (3 hour unit) 11 inches
End cap to end cap length (6 hour unit) 16 inches
Sorb length (3 hour unit) 6 inches
Sorb length (5 hour unit) 11 inches
Sorb length (3 hour unit) 1.2 kg
Sorb capacity (5 hour unit) 1.7 kg
Inside diameter of internal gas pipe 1 3/16 inches or 29 mm

scrubber scrubber

Pictures above show the top drilled and tapped out to fit Gordon Smiths excellent ppo2 gauges However the unit you purchase will not come supplied with these or holes, as you may have other ideas for attaching your gauges and sensors.

New scrubber New scrubber

Pictures above show our latest canister design. The 5 hour unit (left and bottom) has been fitted with 3 K1D sensors and our own new three-sensor display.

These scrubbers can be ordered and require a 50% deposit and 8 week lead time for construction of a custom size, while the two standard sized units can be supplied ex stock in most cases.

Price for the Standard Scrubbers complete $660.00 AUD each including GST.

Price of a custom design will vary be pending your requirements.


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